Shopify Plus and Magento

How are Magento and Shopify Plus different?

Every business is unique and requires a robust platform to function effectively. With the competition getting heavy, every platform wants to host as many businesses as they can. There are several platforms out there but Shopify Plus and Magento are the 2 most powerful ones.  Although these 2 are the leading platforms in the e-com industry, they both offer slightly different experiences to users.

Although similar in many ways, Both, Shopify Plus and Magento have features and functions that set them apart.

  • Security

Since Shopify Plus is fully hosted, you don’t have to worry about security configuration at all. Shopify Plus manages to encrypt all your personal information. That being said, it has a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) installed to configure security of your users. Magento on the other hand, requires you to manually install patches (package of important security files) and manually configure your information and passwords.

  • User Interface

Shopify Plus dashboards are super easy to navigate. You are given the option to choose from 60 plus beautiful themes and some of them are also available for free. It has all kinds of themes to represent your business. With Shopify Plus, you can add, change, and delete content and images whenever you want. While with Magento, you have to know basic coding skills to add changes to your website or web pages. It offers 12 themes where 10 of them are mobile-friendly. You’re even free to make your own theme from scratch. This makes Magento more available to customization than Shopify Plus as you are in control of what you want on your website.

  • Maintenance Costs

Shopify Plus licensing cost starts around 24,000$ per year, which means 2000$ per month. This price covers the hosting costs, support costs and account manager costs. Other services cost differently.

Magento’s licensing cost starts at 24,000$ per year. This cost does not cover the hosting costs. With hosting, it can reach up to 4000$ per month.

  • Scalability

Magento is more scalable than Shopify Plus since its self-hosted and open source. With you in control of the code, you also have access to the servers. You can make your site adapt to growing traffic. This is where Magento is more flexible than Shopify Plus. You can add different languages and currencies and configure the servers in a way where they can go up against the spike in traffic and cater to more people. This makes Magento more scalable.

Shopify Plus is simpler and thus is easily affected by a lot of traffic.

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