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How To Migrate From Magento Enterprise To Shopify plus?

Magento Enterprise and Shopify Plus both are designed to serve the unique needs of ecommerce brands that run at enterprise scale.

Here’s a guide for those who wants to switch from Magento Enterprise to Shopify plus.

Plan Your Switch

Retailers who want to relocate from Magento 2 to Shopify plus, they need to comprehend that Shopify plus has all the needed tools and resources to ensure switching process goes as smooth as possible. With Shopify plus, merchants will be able to map out their business requirements with consultants and solutions engineers.

Being a large retailer, you might want to look into key considerations first. What are your organizational goals? Will Shopify handle the site’s traffic and sales?

Once you know your organizational goals, you will then be designated a launch engineer who will serve as your project manager. It will also function with you to coordinate roles, and timelines.

Design Considerations

Before you decide to make a switch, take the design of your store into account. Whether you opt for customizable themes or a bespoke build, Shopify plus’ flexibility allows you to take advantage of either.

Data migration

One of the important aspects while migrating from Magento Enterprise to Shopify plus is data migration. At first, it may seek risky. However, Shopify makes data relocating as easier and simpler as possible. Many tools are accessible. For instance, Excelify is an app which provides a lot of assistance with data transfer. Search for the best tool and migrate your data as quickly as possible.

Apps / Integrations

The fact that Shopify integrates with all prominent ecommerce apps and third party tools, makes transition easier. Shopify plus scans every plugin and app before including it to their app store. This makes sure that each app is safe and optimized for all users. Being enterprise ecommerce software, it offers the right apps to cater the complex needs of growing brands.


Migrating platforms can sometimes impact your site’s SEO. However, Shopify plus consultants can help you find the right tools to ensure your SEO is not compromised.

Moreover, Shopify Plus also comes with a myriad of plugins and SEO apps and like SEO Manager,, and SEO Doctor. When you install these apps and integrate with your store, it can help you to fix, drive and improve SEO of your ecommerce store.


Hence, migrating from Magento Enterprise to Shopify plus is easy and simple, yet it requires careful thought and planning.

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